Keyword research and adsense income:

What is called keyword research?

Keywords are the words or phrases that are used to search web pages using search engine. It is also known as search term or search quarries. In the point of webmaster view, Keyword has a great effect on On-Page SEO for ranking a web page in search engine. So in this post we will briefly discuss about keyword research factors considering search volume, competition and various other factors.

Factors to be considered in keyword research:

Keywords get priority to two types of users such as advertiser and website owner or publisher. Both user should consider some factors before choosing keywords. Major factors are:

  • Keyword relevancy: Keywords should be relevant with your business type. For example, if your business type is providing “seo services” then you should not choose a keyword like “how to learn English”. So you must choose related keyword to get better result.
  • High search volume: Search volume means, number of approximate search traffic against a keyword. It should be high. As higher as search volume, as higher as chance to get traffic.
  •  Keywords competition: It should be low or medium for a new website or blog to get search rank within shortest possible time. But if your website is old and some pages are already in 1st page of SERPs then you may choose medium or high competitive keywords. It should be mentioned that medium or high competitive keywords get most priority to both advertisers and publishers.
  • Commercial value of that keywords: Various tools like Google adwords tools give you opportunity to know about the approximate CPC of a keywords. You know, publishers get about 68% amount from Google (who uses Google Adsense) from the paid amount by advertisers. So as a publisher, you may calculate your approximate monthly income from a certain keyword using this information.

Laws of calculating approximate monthly income against a certain keyword:

SV * traffic percentage = Visitor * Add click percentage = CTR * CPC = Approximate PMI

Example calculation of approximate monthly income from a certain keyword:


  • your selected keyword is “Keyword research” and you have acquired 1st position against this keyword.
  • By using Google ad words, you came to know search volume of this keyword in your targeted country USA is 3600.
  • You know, 1st position in SERPs give you opportunity to get about 42% traffic
  • You know, Normally around 7% visitors clicks on a advertisement.
  • Your keyword, “keyword research” has CPC value 4.01*68%=2.72$

Now, using laws and values:


That is if your keyword is “keyword research” and you can make a webpage & rank it in 1st page of SERPs then your approximate monthly income will be about 287.8848$.

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