How to research keywords using Google AdWord Keyword tool?

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Keyword research is the most important task to do for making decision to build a business website or blog. As websites or blogs are built for customers or visitors so if you can build your website or blog focusing a keyword that has huge search volume, then it could be very helpful for achieving your goals.

There are hundreds of keyword research tools that you can use. But in my point of view best and cost effective (actually free) research tool is Google AdWords keyword tool.

In this posts we will discuss on how to use AdWords keyword tool effectively for researching a keyword. You can read our post named keyword research and adsense income to know about what should be most considerable matter in keyword research.

Great good news is that AdWords keyword tool is absolutely free to use. Just you need to have a Gmail account. Visit Google AdWords tool and sign in using your Gmail account.

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After signing in, go to tools and analysis menu and select keyword tool. Now you need to set some primary configuration following steps discussed below:

Select exact search for effective results:

In left middle part of this page you will see there are three search match types:

  1. Broad: It indicates all available search volume that match with your keywords.
  2. Exact: It indicates how many searches are available using exact that keywords you are looking for.
  3. “Pharase”: It consists of several meaning full words and show results based on that keyword phrases.

NB: For keyword research you are recommended selecting exact match.

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Advanced options and filters:

We can choose search location and languages from advanced search option. From there you can select country name and languages where your targeted visitors are situated. As a web businessman you need to choose your target country where you want to sell your products or services.

For example: If you want to sell your product and services in the USA, then select country as the USA. Now you will get local search data based on the USA based traffic.

In advanced search option you will get opportunity to define range of global or local traffic, CPC and so on.

  • Local search: You can set a range of local monthly search (your selected country) volume. For example: For a new website or blog you can choose local monthly search >= 500 and <=3000.
  • Global search: You can set also a range of global monthly search volume. For example: For a new website or blog you can choose global monthly search >= 1000 and <=30000.
  • Approximate CPC: It means cost per click that is if you are a publisher and use advertisement in your site and someone clicks on that advertisement then you may get this certain amount for each clicks. CPC range may be >=1
  • Competition level: There are three mode of competition, Low, Medium and High. If your website is new and you want to get SERPs withing short time then you may choose low or medium competition. If you have long-term goal for big business you are recommended choosing competition as High. By doing this, you will get your desired type of result when you will press search button.

In the right middle side of this page you will get a column drop down menu, where you can select or deselect your desired option to view desired column from the available options.

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Now you can put your primary search term from your mind in search form. For example: you may want to build a blog on Keyword Research then you can use Keyword as primary search term. Or you can use your desired category, browsing from category option.

Now you just press search button and get your desired search result.

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