Search quarries and process of SEO:

Using search quarries:

Generally visitor search the web using three ways. Such as:

“Do” Transactional queries: It indicates search that is done for making transactions. Such as making payment for buying a domain and hosting packages using e-commerce facility.

“Know” Informational queries: Visitor may want to know about today’s news on media or exam result etc.

“Go” Navigation queries: Visitor want to go a specific destination like

Basic concepts of website promotion.

SEO task may be done in two ways such as:

Paid SEO: In this way you need to pay to search engine authority to optimize your website without doing almost anything. Just make payment with Pay per click (PPC) packages and wait to see your website page in 1st page of SERP. For using PPC you must pay to search engine authority for every click made by visitor using search engines. Thus you can get more traffic easily. But problem is, when paid amount is finished your SEO become useless. In order to watch paid optimized web pages just search any quarries using search engine. Then you will see some result pages that are positioned even before 1st result page and looking something different colored.

Organic SEO: To optimize your website as organic style you must work hard on it and wait for certain time to watch it in 1st page of SERP. It may take some time but you don’t need to pay any amount to search engine authority. Advantage is, once you succeed then it works for long time.

Organic SEO success depends on two methods. Such as:

On-Page SEO: It contains activities inside your website. It can be said that On-Page SEO is what you are saying about your websites.

SEO Process

 Off-Page SEO: Most activities depends on visitors and other website recommendations. It can be said that Off-Page SEO is what other people say about your website.






Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click


Not needed


Time frame

Works for long time

Depend on payment.


Slow but steady

Fast but uncertain

Discussion on white, grey and black Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO: All SE has its own and unique algorithm. It consists of some rules and regulations created by SE authorities. Algorithm clearly says what you can do or not to do in Search Engine Optimization process. White Hat SEO occurs when SEO is done following all rules and laws (algorithms) of search engine. It is also known as ethical style of SEO.

White Hat steps are On page and Off page SEO steps
that are permitted by Search Engine.

Grey Hat SEO: Some optimizer try some technique in optimization process that are not either permitted or described clearly in algorithm. Although they also maintain basic rules of algorithm. That is they mix some positive and negative methods in SEO process that are unethical but not mentioned in SE Algorithm. So Grey Hat SEO occurs when it is done following some algorithms and some unethical ways that are not permitted by search engine algorithms. This process may give you some advantages but long term effect is not good.

Grey Hat steps are: on the border of White Hat and 
Black Hat SEO, but where exactly the border lies is
very much up fordebate. So ask yourself about examples.

Black Hat SEO: There you will find some SEO optimizer who uses methods that are totally unethical and against the algorithm of Search Engine. They try to dominate SE to index their pages and also they become successful. This process may give you quick result but after a certain time SE understand your tricks and De index your web pages. In some cases, SE may black list your website also. So final result is very bad. This method is totally unethical so you are suggested not to follow this Black Hat SEO process.

Some Black Hat tricks are Duplicate content, Keywords
stuffing, Hidden text, Cloaking, Spamming, Automatic
links, Cross linking, Misleading links etc.

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