SEO basics for Begginers

SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without Search Engine is not possible. So in the very next paragraph we will know about what is SE, its working style & some popular search engine and then we will start discussion about SEO. We can promise that it will be possible to complete your website SEO task by yourself without taking help of a professional SEO leader. Just follow our suggestions and implement those in your website.

What is Search Engine?

Search Engine is shortly known as SE. It is a web site or software that are used to find quarries from web through internet. Every SE has a unique search box, where visitor write their quarries (what visitor willing to know) and then SE search those quarries are available in its database or not. If available then it shows that results in a page.

How search engine works?

There are a lots of spy or bots or robots in the web which work for the SE. Those bot visit all website simultaneously, collects data and index those data or webpages information into search engines databases. Indexing process follow some rules and regulations called algorithm provided by SE authorities. When someone make his/her quarries using SE, it starts scanning and collects that indexed information or pages based on search quarries. Thus SE shows result serially in its webpages. By default every pages contains 10 search results.

Which web page will be shown in 1st page at 1st place it depends on hundreds of factors. Most important factors are:

  • Page content must be unique not by copy and pest formula.
  • Keyword density.
  • Number back links.
  • Number of visitors.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Hyper text and alt text optimization.
  • Visitors feedback or comments etc.

Some popular search engine:

There are thousands of search engines available in the web. All SE provide almost same services. There you will find some SE that provide extra facilities like email, blogging, social media related services.

Most successful and popular SE is Google. Some others are:

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization shortly know as SEO. All search engine has an algorithm that consists of some certain rules and laws created by authorities. Websites or pages that are created following that algorithm most shown in 1st page at first position? Then 2nd and 3rd and so on. Search Engine Optimization is nothing but the process of creating webpages and doing some promotional activities following SE algorithms and thus ensuring its appearance in 1st page of search engine result pages (SERP).

Who do you need SEO?

There are about 600 million above number of websites in the web. Every day Thousands of new websites are created. All of them want to see their website in search engines first page. Because a well-known statistics shows that about 40% visitor visits the website that are shown in search engines first page at first position.

SEO Click Stat

You know the more will be traffic (visitors) the more will be the opportunities to fulfill your goals and purposes of your web site. So undoubtedly competition is very high. But if you build a website then your intention should be shown your website in search engines first page. Yes! If you want to do that then SEO process may help you a lot.

Career opportunities in SEO:

As you know about the competition so there are waiting huge career opportunities for you. If you can be expert in SEO then you can optimize your business website easily and thus you can enhance your business success ratio in a rapid way. Even you can make some services for others websites. Thousands of SEO related works are available around the world. You can easily get the opportunity to work with SEO in many market places available in the web. Where thousands of website owners are waiting to make a deal with you for their website optimization. Here I can show you a statistics about SEO workers position in United States of America.

Some market places where you can get freelancing SEO works:

Usually freelancers work as hourly basis. Hourly rate is about 10$ to 100+$. It may vary based on your skills on SEO.

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