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Robots.txt file creation and use:

What is a robots.txt file? Robots.txt file is a normal txt file that includes a few or some text to give directions to search engine bots. Generally when a search engine bot goes to visit a web-page URL such as before visiting, it visits robots.txt file to get permission to crewel the URL or […]

Sitemap.xml file creation process:

What is sitemap.xml? Sitemap.xml is a kind of XML file that contains some URLs and related information wrapped with XML tag. Sitemap is used by search engine bots only. It provides information and invitation to search engine to crewel those pages and index. In this post we will introduce you with different types of sitemap […]

How to use Sitemap with Google and Bing?

Using process of sitemap.xml: Sitemap.xml file can not be used and perform alone. It needs a webmaster tool to perform. As it is designed to send information to search engine so we need to submit it to every search engine using respective webmaster tools. That is for Google we will use Google webmaster tools and […]

Search quarries and process of SEO:

Using search quarries: Generally visitor search the web using three ways. Such as: “Do” Transactional queries: It indicates search that is done for making transactions. Such as making payment for buying a domain and hosting packages using e-commerce facility. “Know” Informational queries: Visitor may want to know about today’s news on media or exam result […]

SEO Marketing basics

What is SEO Marketing? SEO Marketing shortly known as SEM. Sometimes it is also called search marketing. SEM Services are used to get traffic from search engine result pages. According to Wikipedia, “Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results […]

SEO basics for Begginers

SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without Search Engine is not possible. So in the very next paragraph we will know about what is SE, its working style & some popular search engine and then we will start discussion about SEO. We can promise that it will be possible to complete your website SEO task by yourself […]