SEO Marketing basics

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO Marketing shortly known as SEM. Sometimes it is also called search marketing. SEM Services are used to get traffic from search engine result pages.

According to Wikipedia, “Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising.”

When you make a website then your first target should be positioning your website pages at 1st page of search engine result. If you are able to do that then you will get huge traffic from search engine. It is a very common known survey result that which website can achieve 1st page of search engine that website gets about 40% traffic among total traffic of world wide. Now question may be how will you do that? Off-course it is possible by SEM.

Search engine marketing may be done in two ways.

1. Using paid advertisement provided by search engine.

Most renowned method of paid SEM includes terms such as CPC that is Cost Per Click and PPC= Pay per Click. In this way you will just pay your selected SE advertiser like Google. This kind of search engine provides some pay plan or packages for giving advertisement you can just use those packages by making payment. Advantages are you need to do any hard or critical works for getting traffic but you have to pay huge. When you will pay them they will put your website pages in a selected area of search engine result 1st page. Thus you will get your expected traffic.

Using Advertisement:

You can also use Google AdSense or other advertiser’s offers for advertising your web sites. In this way can give advertisement to Google AdSense and Google will put those advertisement on the web sites, blogs, news sites etc enlisted with Google AdSense. In which site will publish your sites adds they are known as publishers. Publishers site have already huge traffic, so when they will publish your site adds on their web pages then their traffic may watch that adds and click to visit your site. Thus you can make also traffics.

How much you need pay search engine it depends on your selected keywords. Every keyword has different CPC or PPC. You can use Google Awards keyword tool to know about this matter. In our future post we will discuss about it briefly.

Paid directory submission:

You may also submit your web site URL to directory site to enlist. Search engine such as Yahoo and many other directory submission site give you such service taking certain payment. After making payment they give you confirmation to enlist your site into directory within possible shortest certain time.

2. Without paying but using techniques of search engine optimization.

But if you use 2nd way of SEM then it will not need to spend you too much but you need to do some critical work and wait for a certain time. Though this method is free but it is more steady method. This method can make traffic for a long time towards your web site. Where paid search may give you huge traffic till you are paying them. That is whenever your payment is finished your web site traffic number also decrease radically.

In this way, you need to win doing competition with huge number of web site similar to your site. You need to make landing page. Landing page is a page that contains very good contents and optimized as search engine friendly. When people search using search engine with keywords like yours then your site appears in first page of result page. Thus visitors get your site pages and click that link to visit your site. Mind it here you may face huge competition as many other webmasters are trying to do so. Free organic method of search engine marketing includes activities such as:

  • Well optimized content writing.
  • Article writing and sharing.
  • Related blog commenting.
  • Forum posting.
  • Social book marking.
  • News posting.
  • Press release posting.
  • Free directory submitting.
  • Back Link building.

Here best practices for building Back link is making links with similar subject related web site. That is, if your site contains content about technology then you should build your site back link from another web site or blog that contains content about technology.

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