Smart webmasters must install SIX SEO Plugins for WordPress site SEO!

On-Page SEO Plugin

Nowadays maximum smart webmasters like working with WordPress. This CMS is so much popular because of its user-friendly dashboard, SEO friendly site structure and easily customizing facility. Even any new user who does not know much about website design & building, can maintain a website or blog without taking any professional help. WordPress gives us opportunity to use many SEO Plugins that helps us maintain SEO activities easily. In this posts I will discuss six SEO Plugins those are must for better SEO of a WordPress site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

This is the best SEO Plugins for new to SEO specialist as well. This SEO Plugin provides opportunities to complete almost all On-Page SEO activities perfectly. It returns a report instantly after using a keyword in keyword fields. If your content quality is best, then it will show a green color circle and if it is worse, then red color circle such as:

  1. SEO  friendly title,
  2. Description,
  3. Keywords,

It also provides a report on percentage basis how much your post is SEO friendly or not with suggestions. Some example suggestions are:

a) Keyword density is normal or not.

b) Images are optimized or not.

c) Issues on Heading tags

d) Permalink or URL

e) Page title character limit is OK or not.

f) Page title contains Permalink and keyword or not.

Even you can control some advanced issues such as: Robots.txt, .htaccess, Sitemap.xml. So it is highly recommended for a webmaster.

Download link: WordPress SEO by Yoast

Jetpack by

After successful update of Google Penguin 2.0 now you know social media is playing a significant rule on SEO process. This Plugin can help you in every way of social media liking, sharing even auto sharing just after publishing a post in your website or blog. It is a complete package of social media solution for a website.

Jetpack Publicize Plugin also helps reducing more Plugin use because you can get 15+ Plugin services from this one Plugin. Some other features are:

a) site visitor statistics

b) Nice contact form.

c) Blog subscription services using email.

d) Post by email.

e) Spelling and grammar check.

f) Extra sidebar widgets.

g) Mobile theme to optimize site for mobile devices.

Download link: Jetpack by

W3 Total Cache:

This is an amazing Plugin to reduce page load time. Page loading time has great effect on your site visitors. If your site pages take huge time in loading process, then visitors will get bored. So day by day your site visitor number will be decreased radically. In this case, W3 Total Cache Plugin can be a great solution for your site.

Download link: W3 Total Cache

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler):

One thing you should take in your mind that the more you use Plugin the more your site page loading time increase. But some time you cannot avoid some Plugin those are required for your site. In this case, P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) can help a lot. This Plugin gives you information on which Plugin is taking how much time to load and which Plugin is how much responsible for increasing loading time so you can take step and edit or delete those responsible Plugin to reduce page load time and increase overall performance.

Download link: P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

WP External Link:

We need to use some external link in our pages and posts for making those informative. But those external links can harm your SEO process. Many external do follow link from your site can reduce your link juice. You can configure WP External Link Plugin setting to define external links will be no follow or do follow even external link will be opened in new window or same window. You can also add an icon to all external links of your sites to identify easily that these are external links.

Download link: WP External Link


It gives you opportunity to take regular backup of your site files and even database backup. You can download those backup and store those into your computer or any other portable disk. Even this Plugin gives you opportunity to set regular backup job where backup will be stored in a web spaces defined by you such as drop-box. Manual and auto regular backup is possible using this Plugin. You can use those backup files and database tables for further use.

Download link: BackWPup

I hope these six SEO Plugin will help increasing performance of your site. So hurry up and install these six Plugin now and enjoy!

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